About the Program

In-Tune Eventing's goal is to teach correct, solid riding and to create versatile, educated riders. Rosey enjoys teaching riders of all ages and levels with a focus towards eventing. Lessons are taught in a fun and positive atmosphere designed to meet the student’s specific needs and learning style.

Rosey enjoys retraining horses to compete in events and helping riders start their journey in showing and competing in events.
We offer show prep and coaching, services in training, marketing horses for sale please see services page for more information!

In-Tune Eventing offers different programs to meet your needs we currently offer:

  • Boarding, Lesson and training services to riders with their own horses.
  • Lease and half lease horses for riders who can’t own a horse but would like to ride more often and start competing.
  • Wonderful lesson horses for riders to learn on from beginner riders to those advancing in jumping, dressage and cross-country we have lesson horses for all levels of riders.
In-Tune Eventing offers quality education and training for your horse including:
  • Starting young horses under saddle.
  • Futhering a young horses education in Dressage, Jumping or Eventing.
  • Reeducation of a horse with training or behavior problems.
  • Riding or competing your horse in events or other shows to further experience.
  • Exercise and conditioning, slowly bringing back a horse from layup.
  • Training and marketing your horse for sale.